Kenco digital displays offer dynamic, functional, affordable solutions to small schools, businesses, churches, community groups and organizations across the country and around the globe. Every product in our LED line features cutting-edge technology, rugged construction and the utmost engineering expertise.


LED Partners is a rapidly expanding innovative company driven by our success with customers, and our dedication to providing great products at a fair price. We lead the way in developing high quality, lost cost solutions in the digital LED display market. We stand behind what we sell and are certain you’ll see why.


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Our Mission Statement

“Our goal is to provide a quality product that benefits our customers and brings pride to our employees and our community.”

Decades of hard work have shown American made products are considered the standard to beat across the globe. Many countries and industries strive to produce that “Made in America” quality. We’ve developed a diverse team that brings great skill in design, fabrication, assembly, programming, software and networking. This allows us to construct a high quality product build and assembled at our facility in Daytona Beach, Florida

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Please contact our offices (800) 526-3291 or fill out the contact form for more information about our products or services.